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AMD lay off more staff

by on15 May 2007

430 to go

It's been tough for AMD to compete with Intel and the acquisition of ATI has gone far from smoothly. After having already layed off some two to two and a half per cent of its workforce - this is some 16,800 people - AMD is now about to lay off another 430 staff.

This is mostly due to poor earnings in Q1 and these things are generally done to keep the shareholders happy.

The positions that will be lost are in R&D, Sales, Marketing and Engineering, so no-one is spared, although if you work for AMD in Dresden, Germany, your job is safe, as no-one is going to get laid off there.

This staff cut is meant to save AMD some $40 million, not exactly pocket change, but if you consider what AMD paid for ATI, it's not exactly big money.

For AMD's sake and all our sake, let's hope they get out of this mess, or we can expect to see a lot more expensive computer hardware if AMD would end up in a position it couldn't get itself out of.

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