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AMD to launch frugal desktop eight-core

by on28 December 2012


AMD is looking to end the year on a positive, power efficient note. The outfit will launch a 95W eight-core desktop processor on December 29, or tomorrow.

The FX-8300 is based on the Piledriver architecture and its base clock is 3.3GHz, but it can hit 4.2GHz on Turbo, much like the FX-8350. However, it needs doesn’t need as much juice as the 125W FX-8350.

AMD’s first 95W eight-core is expected to sell for $199, which is a tad pricier than the FX-8350. Then again it could help out a family of polar bears, which is not good news for baby seals, so no matter which one you choose you will have blood on your hands.

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