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GameStick to compete with Ouya

by on03 January 2013

More Android games for the big screen

It seems that after the success of Ouya, the possibility of bringing more Android titles to the big screen seems more and more appealing; and the GameStick is looking to bring its version of affordable Android gaming to the big screen.

The $79 priced GameStick is only two inches long, but packs the punch of the Amlogic 8726-MX processor with 1GB of DD3 and 8GB of Flash storage. The device is powered by Android Jellybean and offers both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support. The Bluetooth LE 4.0 will support up to four Bluetooth mode 3 controllers.

The device has already been able to raise 50% of the necessary funding for its projected release in April to those funding the Kickstarter program. The secret might be in the fact that developer PlayJam has already been able to tap into 200 titles for the GameStick, with some of the best known Android developers who will see their low-priced or free mobile titles heading right to the platform. Similar to the Ouya, the GameStick platform will be an open platform that anyone can develop for.

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