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HP releases new network-monitoring tool

by on15 May 2007


Aimed at fighting terrorists

HP has released a network monitoring tool which is designed to protect energy sector companies from terrorists.

The Trusted Compliance Solution for Energy (TCS-e), uses SenSage security-event management software to collect and analyse log data.

It is designed to make sure that energy-sector companies, including electric power companies and oil and gas suppliers, to demonstrate a wide range of security controls, including security-event monitoring. The US government says it needs this level of security to make sure that energy companies are not bought down by a terrorist attack.

The TCS-e uses HP's Atalla hardware to apply cryptographic operations when recording information from SCADA networks to ensure confidentiality and non-repudiation of data.

HP has made an inroad into the energy sector already and its SCADA systems are widely used to control electric-power transmission.

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