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$399 price tag for the PS4, say sources

by on08 February 2013

Will be $100 less than the PS3 was at launch

Sources are claiming to us that Sony will be releasing the PlayStation 4 with a $399 price tag. If true, that would place the PS4 at $100 less at launch than the lower end PlayStation 3 was. Sony is said to favor a much lower price this time around, as it believes that the high prices of the PS3 hurt it from the very start; with many gamers simply believing the platform was more expensive, no matter how much Sony slashed the price.

The bigger question could be if Sony will favor taking the same stance as Microsoft is said to be taking with their Xbox Next, where the console is said to be doing away with used games by using a single use code in conjunction with an always connected methodology. Sony could leap over Microsoft right out of the gate with those favoring used titles by not blocking the use of them, despite rumors suggesting they will have that ability built into the PlayStation 4 from day one.

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