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GRID 2 loses cockpit cam

by on07 March 2013

Limitation of consoles is the problem

News from Codemasters has indicated that they have had to remove the cockpit camera view from their upcoming release known as GRID 2. The reason for the decision is said to be the limitation of the current generation of consoles. The developer has apparently admitted that if the game were a PC-only release, the cockpit camera would have stayed in.

According to GRID 2 producer Vincent Muelle, the removal of the cockpit cam was necessary in order to push other things in the game. The decision has received criticism from fans who had grown used to having access to the cockpit cam, which is view that players have grown accustomed to since it has been in every Codemasters’ release.

Codemasters is standing by the decision, while claiming that only 5% of the players ever used the in-car view. Other views will be a part of GRID 2 and the decision was made in the best interests of the game, according to the developer.

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