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PC version of new Thief will not be a console copy

by on10 April 2013

Playing it with the keyboard & mouse is just different

Stephane Roy from Eidos Montreal says that the PC version of the new Thief will not be just a console copy. Instead, they will be making the PC version as a PC gamer would want to play the game. Playing the game with the keyboard and the mouse is different.

The new Thief revival has been one of the most eagerly awaited projects to get off the ground in a long time. Eidos has confirmed that it will be a next generation console and PC-only release. The news coming out of Eidos Montreal is good for PC gamers, as it would appear that the developer is going to spend the time necessary to deliver a PC version that is unique from the console version, which is great news for PC gamers.

Other than the new Thief title is to arrive at some point next year, we know very little about the new title. Sources tell us that we should expect to know more after E3.

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