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No online pass for Fuse

by on10 April 2013

Still on track for May launch

Insomniac Games has confirmed that their upcoming EA Partners’ release, Fuse, will not use an online pass. It is not uncommon for games released through the EA Partner program to opt out of the online pass to restrict online access (which uses a one-time use code that is only included with new copies of the game).

Insomniac is asking gamers to buy a new copy of the game and support this new squad-based shooter because with no online pass and no microtransactions in the game, there will be no additional revenue streams to help make up for the decision not to use online access restriction. (Of course, Insomniac does not rule out DLC content, which we believe will be arriving for Fuse at some point.)

After a couple of missed dates and some false starts, Fuse is on track to make its May 28th release date in North America and its May 31st release date in Europe. Fuse is a big deal for developer Insomniac because it is their first game for the Xbox 360 platform; previously, they have only developed for the Sony consoles. Also, the game is their first under the deal that the studio has with EA Partners. A demo of the game is expected before the last week of May to give players a taste of the game before it arrives.

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