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Jelly Bean now powers 28.4 percent of droids

by on02 May 2013

Gingerbread still dominates Android universe

According to Google’s latest Android distribution statistics, Jelly Bean is now on 28.4 percent of all Android devices. 

Jelly Bean finally overtook Ice Cream Sandwich, which now stands at 27.5 percent and it is losing ground, 1.8 percent last month. Sadly though, the dominant Android version is still Gingerbread, which launched in late 2010. Gingerbread is down 1.7 percent, but it still used on 38.4 percent of all droids.

If you were expecting our traditional Android fragmentation rant, talk of APIs, security and whatnot, sorry, but we can’t be bothered. The fact that a two-and-a-half year old OS is still powering the majority of Android devices indicates that Google can’t be bothered, either.

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