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Ouya to be at E3

by on21 May 2013

Will have booth in parking lot

Ouya is going to be at E3 this year, but the console maker will not be in the convention center. Instead, the company has secured space in a parking lot across the street from the convention center where show goers and the public alike can get a first-hand look at the Kickstarter-funded Ouya.

Ouya is inviting developers to come out and show off their software that they have created for the console. The head of developer relations, Kellee Santiago, says that it will be an excellent way for developers to have their games seen by the press.

It is expected that the booth in the parking lot could draw a lot of attention, as many have been wondering what all of the buzz over the Ouya is all about; and at E3, many will get a chance to see it for themselves.

This is not the only alternative E3 strategy that companies are trying this year. Nintendo announced that they will be skipping their E3 press conference and instead host playable versions of upcoming Wii U titles at a number of Best Buy stores around the country.

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