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Xbox One will have to connect every 24 hours

by on07 June 2013

Will still be able to play DVD or Blu-ray discs

Microsoft has now confirmed that the Xbox One will have to connect once every 24 hours. The ability to play games offline is just disabled once the time period expires till the system is connected again. Microsoft is recommending a connection of 1.5mbit, but suggests that more is better. The console includes both a wired Gigabit port as well as Wireless N options for getting connected.

While the console is offline, you will still be able to watch TV using the console and play DVD and Blu-ray movies. You will not be able to play games offline. Microsoft continues to claim that while the console does not have to be connected to the Internet all of the time, it does require an Internet connect. Since the majority of Xbox Gamers already have an Internet connection, this should not be an issue; and we think the company is more than a little puzzled on how much of an issue it has become.

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