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Mattrick did it for the money

by on05 July 2013

Will earn $19 million in the first year

Don Mattrick’s exit from Microsoft to take the helm at Zynga might not be such a mystery when you look at the deal he cut. The former head of Microsoft’s entertainment division will rake in an astounding $19.3 million the first year.

According to reports, this figure includes a base salary of $1 million, plus a signing bonus payout of $5 million and 2013 bonus of another $2 million. Once he has completed his first year, Mattrick will get 45.32 per cent of his $9 million in restricted stock, which carries a projected value by the company of $11.3 million. Mattrick is projected to rack in $14.3 million in his second year and another $8.4 million for his fourth year at the company.

Early buzz on Mattrick’s arrival has had a positive impact on Zynga’s stock, which closed up 5 percent on Wednesday. After Mattrick’s departure, Steve Ballmer internally told teams that those reporting to Mattrick would report to him for the time being. Now, sources are indicating that Julie Larson-Green from the Windows group will become head of the entertainment business and hardware, which includes Xbox. We will have to see if this pans out, but several sources are telling us that is the direction Microsoft will go.


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