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Larson-Green to replace Mattrick

by on12 July 2013

Difficult to predict the impact of the decision

As has been rumored for the last several days, Julie Larson-Green will be Don Mattrick’s replacement. In addition, she will also be leading what Microsoft is calling the “”Devices and Studios Engineering Group,” which will replace what used to be called the IEB, or Interactive Entertainment Business.

Larson-Green will be taking charge of the Xbox brand as well as Microsoft’s “studio experiences,” which include those studios responsible for games, music, video, and other entertainment. The operating system for the Xbox One will now fall under the Operating Systems Engineering Group, which will now be headed by Terry Myerson.

The realignment, as CEO Steve Ballmer called it in an Email to employees, does streamline things. It isn’t clear, however, how Xbox One will fare with Larson-Green at the helm. Larson-Green comes from Microsoft’s Windows division and it is not clear in what direction she will steer the ship. The decision in gaming circles has raised more than a few eyebrows, with many believing that Microsoft needs a leader for Xbox One that gamers know and who can get in front of some of the missteps during the four months left till the console’s release.

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