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Sony putting PS4 dev kits in developer hands

by on26 July 2013

Rumors say they are lending kits at no charge

Sony is said to be handing out PlayStation 4 developer kits like no tomorrow. The kits are rumored to cost about $2500 per kit, but Sony is apparently been loaning these kits for free to the company’s favorite developers to stimulate development.


Rumors suggest that Sony isn’t even selling the PS4 development kits at all, but instead devoting all available inventory to getting these kits in the hands of developers. A number of indie developers claim that they have received development kits for free from Sony.

This might explain why Microsoft is talking about the ability to use (or convert if you will) off-the-shelf consoles as development kits for the Xbox One. Again, Microsoft has not filled in all of the blanks on how this is going to work or what it might cost.

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Last modified on 26 July 2013
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