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Number of WoW subscribers dropping

by on29 July 2013

Now down to about 7.7 million

News from the land of World of Warcraft isn’t good. Activision Blizzard confirmed that quarter that ran from April to June saw another decrease in subscribers. Word is that WOW is down to 7.7 million subscribers which is down from 8.3 million back in March.

Loosing 600,000 subscribers in a quarter isn’t good news for Activision Blizzard that had around 12 million subscribers at its height. The game is still the number one subscription game, but it is unlikely to even return to the lofty number of subscribers that the game has had in the past. The continued drop represents a significant income loss for the company.

The reasons for the drop in subscriptions is long, but much of it has simply to do with the number of other choices that players have these days including free-to-play alternatives that many players are embracing. Rumors suggest that Activision Blizzard is looking at a number of options in order to increase the amount that the game is producing. While we don’t think they are looking at a free-to-play model, we do think that they are considering a number of things, but we will have to wait and see what they will try to help get the subscription game back on track.

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