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EVGA cards get dual BIOS

by on19 August 2013

Fast recovery from overclock hangovers

EVGA has announced that it’s expanding its graphics card line-up with a new series of Dual BIOS cards. The approach is hardly new, as Gigabyte and a few other vendors used dual BIOS’s on their montherboards years ago.

A secondary BIOS allows users to experiment with custom BIOS’s with relatively little risk. If things go spectacularly wrong, it’s easy to recover the original BIOS with the flimp of a switch. The secondary BIOS could also unlock more overclocking potential.

Switching the BIOS is straightforward. Users need to power off their rig, switch the BIOS selector to a secondary position and that’s it.

EGVA GTX 780, 770 and 760 cards support dual BIOS, but some may require a BIOS update to unlock dual BIOS functionality. Three GTX 770 cards have triple BIOS, for users who like to get it wrong more than once.

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