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Cheap Toshiba hybrid drive tips up in Europe

by on10 October 2013


Toshiba has been producing hybrid drives for quite a while now, but most of them were destined for the OEM/ODM market, so you couldn’t pick one up in retail unless you got lucky.

However, this morning we spotted a curious product listing. The Toshiba MQ Hybrid 750GB drive is available in a couple of German shops with a price tag of just €53. This means it is quite a big cheaper than Seagate’s 1TB SSHD or the old Momentus XT 750GB.

However, it appears to be slower, too. Seagate’s hybrids spin at 7200rpm, while Toshiba’s drive is a 5400rpm affair. Still, at €53 it's pretty cheap if you are looking for a replacement drive.

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