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Has The Division been delayed?

by on09 January 2014

Ubisoft isn’t talking, but it looks that way

We have been hearing a number of rumors coming from sources claiming to be close to the Ubisoft camp that are saying that The Division is slipping into 2015. The game will not make the 2014 release day that was talked about as developer Massive still has apparently a long way to go to finish the title.

Originally we had heard from the Ubisoft folks that the game would be released in late 2014. So far if the game has been postponed to a 2015 launch no one is officially talking about it yet or has gotten the word that this is the case. Some are even suggesting that development isn’t even that far along on the post-apocalyptic shooter.

The glimpse of The Division that we saw at E3 did seem to be rather promising and it looked as if the title could be one of the must have games this holiday season, but if it does not arrive till 2015 it is hard to say what the release landscape will look like then. If Ubisoft is going to comment on the status of the title, we are not expecting for them to do it anytime soon.

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