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Nokia X Developer Day

by on26 February 2014

Not quite Android

Nokia's Developer Day this year at Mobile World Congress this year was all about the Android Nokia X platform.

The Nokia X Software Platform uses Google's Android open source code.  At the core, it is running on an Android 4.1 fame which allows a lot of already built Android apps, but lacks the Google Play service due to it's customized platform.  Since Nokia X is not Android, Asha, or "Windows" Phone OS based, garnering support for it is going to be a hard sell on all fronts for the company. One would have thought that Nokia would have learned from the situation Google had on it’s hands when the initial Antroid tablets surfaced before Honeycomb was launched.

One of the major caveats of the new Nokia X platform are the questions everyone has been asking since it was publicly announced.  What does Microsoft plan to do with this platform once the acquisition of Nokia is completed? Will Microsoft continue to fund and support this new ecosystem, or will it be one of the first products to be thrown into their Recycle Bin? 

Nokia X's motto of "same code base, new user base", can be found in and around at Mobile World Congress Hall 8 in an attempt to sway developers.  At a corporate level they seem to be betting a significant amount of marketing funds in a hope that developers will support their hybrid platform and end users will accept it.

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