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New Bleszinski game is free-to-play shooter

by on09 July 2014

Codename Bluestreak to be published by Nexon

So we now know that Cliffy B’s new company is called Boss Key. What we didn’t know yet is that it is developing a new free-to-play shooter which is called codename Bluestreak.

Once completed it will be published by Nexon. It is unclear if Nexon is putting up the cash for the development of Bluestreak. Sources are saying that Nexon is so impressed with Bluestreak that they have purchased a small stake in Boss Key.

From what we understand it will be a PC sci-fi arena shooter. So far, we only know that it will be released for the PC, no word yet if console versions are planned for the future or not. We are expecting to learn more today when additional details are to be officially announced.

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