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Hackers clone RFID protected passport

by on02 October 2008


Elvis has left the building

The Hacker's Choice
, a group
of insecurity experts with a rather crude sense of humor, managed to crack RFID protection used on passports. The outfit created a cloned passport in the name of one Elvis Aaron Presley, along with a picture of The King.

They tried it out at a Dutch airport and the computer, obviously a huge fan, didn't mind. The control passed without a hitch and Elvis was on his way. However, the scanner used for the test is not the one used by actual border security personnel and it's still unclear if the fake passport would stand up to a bit more scrutiny.

The group suggests passport control remains in the hands of humans, as even the daftest ones have stopped believing Elvis is still alive.

For more info on the hack, visit their blog, here, and for the love of God, don't try this at home.
Last modified on 03 October 2008
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