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Cooler Master goes into LED lamps business

by on22 December 2008


Starts new Solid Brite Lightning sister company

Solid Bright Lightning is a new company that will make high-power LED lamps. LED lamps have an efficiency of up to 100lm/W, low thermal management and higher life expectancy when compared to  traditional light bulbs.

The new LED lamps sound like the real deal if you are into stopping global warming with Al Gore and the whole 'save the polar bears' thing. According to the info that we got, these new LED lamps should be the next big thing in interior and exterior lightning.

The life expectancy stands at around 30,000+ hours, while the normal halogen lamp can do around 2,000, so a single LED lamp should outlive 15 standard halogen lamps, or its owner. As for as the energy savings, one 120W halogen lamp equals six 20W LED lamps. The best thing is that a singe 20W LED has a higher light output than the 120W halogen lamp.

Solid Brite has used several interesting design solutions, but one that caught our eye is that these lamps will have an integrated stacked fin heatsink and lens, which might push the price of these lamps a bit high. We hope that the price of a single Solid Brite 20W LED lamp will cost less than six 120W halogen lamps as they like to compare it.


Solid Bright Lightning has announced a total of six products ranging from 3W to 20 Watt, depending on the use. Solid state lightning technology looks cool and it might change the lightning industry, all we have to do is wait for it to become mainstream.


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