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Dell shows off its Adamo

by on09 January 2009


Ultra-thin aluminium case

The time has finally come for Dell to show off its so called MacBook Air "killer", the Adamo. Unfortunately, we must satisfy our curiosity with pictures as Dell keeps the specs of this thin beauty tightly under wraps.

The entire web agrees on what thing, it does look good and it looks more like an HP Voodoo Envy 133 than the Macbook Air, but the interesting thing is that Dell only said that it's ultra-thin and didn't even mention the MacBook Air. Dell's ultra-thin Adamo features an aluminium chassis and a bunch of connectors on its back, and that is only thing we know so far.

The guys from Anandtech managed to take some pictures of it, but they as this is only a prototype some things might be changed when the final product comes. According to the info that Anandtech managed to get, Dell's Adamo should appear later this spring.

You can find the rest of the pictures here.




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