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Laptop of tomorrow expected by 2015

by on15 June 2007


Nice and slik



Compenion is a laptop designed by Felix Schmidberger that is supposedly going to be the next best thing. Although most of these prototypes never see the light of day, let's be honest - who wouldn't want one! These prototypes are expected in 2015 so we still have some eight years to go.

It's going to feature OLED touchscreen which serves both as a keyboard and a monitor, and you can tap it either by hand or 'senstylus' pen. Allegedly, thanks to the series of docking stations, the Compenion will be able to adapt to an environment you're using it in - meaning you'll be able to shove it in like a memory card and use it as your work computer. And after you're done - go home put it in your home dock and use it as a home entertainment center.



More here.


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