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PC Power and Cooling (OCZ) has new Crossfire PSU

by on27 June 2007
CrossFire Edition Silencer 750 Quad


OCZ has announced a release of a new PSU under the PC Power & Cooling line called Silencer 750 Quad Crossfire Edition.

As you may have guessed from the name, PSU delivers 750W of continuous power at 40C. As for the connectors, this PSU comes with quad PCI-Express, 24-pin, dual 8-pin and 4-pin motherboard connector. It also has 15 drive connectors, or in numbers, six SATA, eight Molex and one floppy.

PSU is painted in "fiery red", or as stated on PC Power and Cooling "Ferrari red exterior", so it could match the CrossFire theme. As for the specification of the rails, as we can see it has one +12V rail with 60A, +5V works at 30A and +3.3V at 24A. The "fiery red" PSU is cooled by one ball-bearing fan that gives 22-55 CFM while producing 26-40dB. RPM's of the fan or other specifications are unknown, at least from the PR and product page.


The new PSU comes backed up with 3 years warranty.  You can check out more here on PC Power and Cooling.
Last modified on 27 June 2007
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