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AMD's new mobile chipsets revealed

by on05 July 2007

One this year, two early next year

AMD will release three new chipsets for notebooks, the first one will be the M740G and it should arrive some time this quarter if AMD manages to get it out on time. The M740G will have integrated DX9 graphics, support for HDMI with HDCP and is target the entry to mid-range notebok market.

Early next year should see the arrivial of the M780G and the M780T, both of which are part of the upcoming Puma mobile platform from AMD.

The M780G will feature integrated DX10 graphics, HDMI with HDCP support HyperTransport 3.0. As the M780T is a discrete chipset, it will only have HyperTransport 3.0 support, although it will work in conjuction with an add-on graphics solution for better 3D performance.

The M780G and M780T are compatible with the new Griffin mobile processors.
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