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No more Fujitsu hard drives

by on06 October 2009


Here comes Toshiba Storage Device Corp.

Toshiba's takeover of Fujitsu's hard drive division has been finalized and the division is now integrated into the Toshiba Storage Device Corporation, or simply the TSDC.

The takeover, arranged back in Q1 and, was considered quite a deal for Toshiba when you know that they didn't pay a single dime for that part of Fujitsu. Of course, Toshiba did took a US $60 million debt charge, but it still a quite a deal, as both companies excel in the production of 2.5- and 1.8-inch drives.

Fujitsu still owns 19.9 percent of shares in this part of business, but it is expected to sell it to Toshiba and give it 100 percent ownership once the new company stands up on its own two feet.

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