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Convergence sues HP, Sapphire, Microloops

by on16 November 2009


Over vapor chamber cooling infringement

Convergence Technologies has filed a lawsuit against Hewlett Packard, Sapphire and Microloops at a Virginia District Court.

The suit alleges that the companies infringed Convergence's patents pertaining to vapor chamber cooling. Steven H. Lee, Founding President & CEO of Convergence, said that the company was left no choice, after a Taiwanese court threw out its complaint. Lee claims that many US companies don't even know they are using Microloops parts because they are sold through various OEMs, ODMs and distributors.

However, Lee says that Convergence still maintains the right to take legal action against end users at a later time. He warns that it is important for the market to follow developments in the case and keep track of a list of authorized sellers of Convergence products on the company website.

Vapor cooling is currently used in several Sapphire graphics cards designs, as well as HP blade servers. Convergence claims that it had discovered critical components used in the cooling concept, a unique condensate flow requirement and a a Multiwick structure which offers Convergence coolers superior capabilities.

If the somewhat confusing technology was good enough to be copied, it's probably good enough for consumers, too.
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