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Japan gets ready for FFXIII release

by on16 December 2009


Over 1 million copies shipped to retailers

While those not in Japan will have a bit of a wait for the release of Final Fantasy XIII that will arrive on Japanese retailer shelves on December 17th, Square Enix appears to be ready for the mania that is likely to come with the release of the PlayStation 3 version of the game; in preparation, it has shipped over one million copies to Japanese retailers.

The highly anticipated release of Final Fantasy XIII for the PlayStation 3 in Japan is one of the games that Japanese gamers are said to be looking forward to playing, and will pretty much cap off the major title releases for 2009. Our sources in the land of the rising sun claim that Square Enix has an additional 150,000 copies of the release for shipment on Thursday and an additional 150,000 copies that will be available for shipment for weekend sales in an effort to prevent any possibility of shortages of the title.

Those outside Japan will still have a bit of a wait till Final Fantasy XIII actually arrives, as currently it is expected that it will be released in North America on March 9th; but, of course, that date might be subject to change given that the translation and adaptation for the North American market isn’t quite finished yet. There is no actual word yet on when Europe can expect it, but from what we hear it is likely that it will be in the same time frame as the North American release.

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