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Corsair to launch 450W PSU

by on30 July 2007

Entry level PSU

When everyone else is going higher and higher in terms of power supply Wattage, Corsair is going down. It is about to launch a 450W PSU, although this is part of a new VX series, instead of its current HX series.

The new model will be called CMPSU-450VXJP and it has a single 12V rail which is rated at 33A.

It's cooled by a single 120mm fan and it's meant to have a power efficiency of as much as 85 percent, which is extremley good. It's also got active PFC and Japanese capacitors.

It will feature a single 6-pin PCI Express graphics card power connector, six Molex connectors, six SATA power connectors and two floppy drive connectors.

It's expected to be available some time in August and should cost around €75.

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