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Intel in hot water over offensive ad

by on01 August 2007


The race is on


Over the years we've seen loads of lousy IT ads and campaigns. Intel's Core2Duo ad goes to show that you can indeed go from bad to worse.

In the ad, a caucasian IT manager is standing in the midde of his office realm with his arms crossed and a big silly grin on his face, while six black athletes are crouched, as if waiting for a track race to start. In fact, it's just one guy, photoshoped, but that's not the issue.

Some people think the "athletes" look as if they're bowing to the white guy, and who could blame them.

"Multiply computing performance and maximize the power of your employees", says Intel. We just say it's a lousy and offensive ad. It was probably unintentional, but it ended up the way it did and, even worse, it was published.

I'd like to see the person who approved this horrible thing, that is if they're not too busy packing their stuff into a small cardboard box as we speak.

Check it out, here.

Last modified on 01 August 2007
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