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Sony recalls DSC-T5 cameras

by on03 August 2007


They peel and scratch, ouch



Sony has issued a recall notice concerning its slim DSC-T5 digital camera.

It looks like they had some trouble with the material used at the base of the camera. Due to an issue with the adhesive strength of the metal coating on this part it can peel away, producing sharp edges which can cut or scratch the user's hands. Sony will replace the affected part free of charge, and if you've already fixed it and paid for it, they'll reimburse you for the cost.


The notice affects cameras worldwide with serial numbers between 3500001 and 3574100. There is some confusion though, as most sources on the net are reporting that 416 thousand cameras are affected and some are saying it's 350 thousand.

However, it looks like 416 thousand is the total number of cameras sold on all markets, and not all are faulty. As you can see, judging by the serial numbers in Sony's notice, it's "just" 74100. To add to the confusion, is reporting that the recall affects the 5385951 – 5452900 serial number range.

Well, if you do happen to own one, contact Sony and check it out just in case. If all fails, at least you can use it as a piece of hi tec kithchen cutlery.

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