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Make the army better via Internet

A new Website
has been launched by a technology consulting firm and government contractor that will allow any U.S. military member to submit requests for products and tools that could make their jobs easier and safer.

Gestalt is the contractor who operates the Website,, and says that it will evaluate the requests and then either determine to make the requested equipment, tools and/or technology itself, or forward the request on to an appropriate area of the Department of Defense. 

Gestalt said that it got the Website idea after talking with soldiers who had recently returned from combat zones in the Middle East.  The soldiers relayed stories of the differences that even simple technology and crucial equipment can make; and Gestalt realized that input from these soldiers was not being heard by the U.S. Department of Defense in a timely manner, since often several branches of the military are involved in such requests and the red tape is lengthy.

Gestalt’s idea is to consider the concern, build a prototype of the equipment that can address it (or job out the equipment build) and then present the prototype to the military leadership as a solution for the critical need.

Hopefully this will keep the military from buying $5,000 Leathermen!

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