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SpiralFrog music site leaps into beta

by on08 August 2007


Ends user worries of music piracy

is reportedly offering a limited beta test of its free “legal” music and video download site. The catch is that the site will be supported by online advertising that users must listen to. 

Users will be able to access free music and videos and can download them from the site by being exposed to what SpiralFrog calls “unobtrusive advertising.” The up side to this site is that SpiralFrog says since its music is legally licensed users won’t have to worry about being tracked by spyware or risk being prosecuted under the DCMA by recording companies.

SpiralFrog says that users will be able to play songs on their PCs or Windows Media compatible players. iPods are excluded, however, as they are incompatible with the site’s music format. So far, SpiralFrog has signed only one licensing agreement with Universal Music Group, which means that its music offerings will be limited to about 700,000 music tracks.

Still, that’s a lot of free music! SpiralFrog was supposed to launch last December, but missed that deadline amid a management shakeup that nearly “deep sixed” the company. SpiralFrog founder, Joe Mohen, indicated that the site will be ready for public access before year end.

Read more about it here.

Last modified on 08 August 2007
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