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PowerColor announces its dual 2600XT

by on18 September 2007


Third one around


PowerColor has announced its version of a dual HD 2600 XT card simply called the X2, just like the card from Sapphire.

PowerColor's Dual HD 2600XT comes with reference clocked GPU at 800MHz. The memory ended up clocked at 700MHz which is slightly lower than Sapphire's 800MHz, but at least it is GDDR3. PowerColor has announced the 512MB version, that's 256MB per GPU.

The card is cooled by a big box-like cooler with a single fan which should be a bit less noisy than Sapphire's two-fan solution. As you can see from the picture below, you can actually see the big heat sink under the translucent plastic cover. PowerColor certainly made a nice and clean design. As we can see from the picture the card has four DVI's, and TV out.

The suggested price or the release date is still unknown. You can check out the product page here.


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