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PC SuperStore lists PNY 8800GT

by on23 October 2007


or US$243

of our readers has brought to our attention that a U.S. etailer has listed a Geforce 8800GT graphics card on its site.

PC SuperStore has listed PNY's GEFORCE XLR8 8800GT PCIE 512MB DVI-I HDTV for US$243, and this sounds like a nice price for such a promising piece of hardware. Of course, the product is not in stock yet, and there's no picture on the site, either; but at least we know the price, and in the end that's what really matters.

We're still expecting the 8800GT to launch on October 29th, and, if some early benchmarks appearing on the net are to believed, its performance will match or surpass Nvidia's 8800GTS and ATI's HD2900XT cards.

To put things into perspective, the same site offers PNY's XLR8 GEFORCE 8800GTS with 320MB of memory for US$297.

You can check it out here.


Not surprisingly, the site has been taken down, but, as luck would have it, we just happen to have a few screenshots handy.

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