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Tom's hardware has three-way SLI setup

by on29 October 2007

Scales well at high res

Tom's Hardware Taiwan has scored some early three-way SLI numbers and they've got a real setup based on an MSI P7N Platinum motherboard, which aparently still uses the 680i chipset.

They've tested with three 8800 GTX cards and they've got the new SLI bridge, which for some strange reason is a hard bridge that doesn't seem to fit when you use three 8800 Ultras; at least not judging by the pictures on the site.

The scaling in the benchmarks was really best above 1,600x1,200, but once you started going above 1,920x1,200 the real benefits of three-way SLI seems to really appear with the performance scaling being 2.3 to 2.7 times that of a single card.

The results in 3DMark06 weren't that impressive, and at 1,280x1,024 the benefit was about 1,500 points, while at 2.560x1,600 the difference was between 4,752 3DMarks and 10,145 3DMarks, which is quite impressive.

You can check out the full story with more benchmark figures here, although the text is in Mandarin.
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