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New Intel graphics drivers now available

by on20 August 2007

Delayed over a year

PC owners with Intel's 965 chipsets can at last download drivers that will improve gaming performance. The drivers were promised by Intel some time ago but have been significantly delayed. Intel has blamed the delays on its mandate to deliver drivers for Windows Vista and DirectX10 technology.

The 965 chipset was supposed to provide more powerful integrated graphics performance. However, a problem arose with the drivers that were needed to enable the performance. Most of the notebook market and more than 50 percent of desktop computers use integrated graphics chipsets which are inexpensive and deliver average performance.

Intel, however, decided that it was going to make an integrated chipset that could deliver the performance of expensive discrete graphics chipsets like those from Nvidia or AMD’s now acquired ATI GPUs with the Intel 965 chipset.

Discrete graphics chipsets (GPUs) are separate cards that have their own memory and processor and plug into a PC motherboard. They can cost from $200 to $800 just for the GPU. As the 965 now stands, it is rumored to have little more to offer for 3D technology than regular Intel chipsets.

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Last modified on 20 August 2007
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