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Asus does 9600GT TOP version

by on26 February 2008


OCed to 720MHz with Glaciator fan


Asus has launched its OCed version of Nvidia's 9600GT card, branded EN9600GT TOP. The core of this card got boosted from reference 650MHz to 720MHz. which is a good result, but still not enough to beat EVGA's 740MHz.

According to Asus's press release, the new card should give a 10 percent performance boost when compared to the reference cards. The Shader clock of this card got overclocked to 1800MHz and memory has been pushed to 2GHz (1,000MHz effective). This card is based on Asus's own PCB design and it features an Asus Glaciator fan which we had a chance to see on most, if not all, recent TOP edition cards. Of course, this means that the new card is a dual-slot design.

Asus's Glaciator fan should, at least according to the press release, help lower GPU temperatures, thanks to the specially designed fansink. Just how better this one will perform against Nvidia's reference cooler is still to be seen, but according to Asus this cooler produces 25db of noise, which is a great result. Asus has also decided to stick a "HDMI Certified" sticker on this card, thus making it HDMI capable; of course, with the use of DVI-HDMI adapter and S/PDIF connection to motherboard internal S/PDIF header.

Asus's 9600GT also uses Japanese polymer capacitors, which should provide more stable operation and comes bundled with Asus SmartDoctor for additional overclocking of Shader clocks. The lowest price that we could find is €157.72, but the card is still not available.


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