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Toshiba increases size of notebook hard drives

by on22 August 2007


First to bring 320GB  PMR  2.5” Hard Drives


With the advances in  Perpendicular Magnetic Resonancing (PMR), hard disk manufacturers are hard at work building high capacity models that notebook/laptop users have been waiting for. While 2.5” form factor hard drives that were used primary in notebook/laptop computers reached the 120GB size some time ago, it seems  that until the PMR breakthrough sizes to rival desktop hard drives had been all but stalled.

While 1TB hard dives are all the rage on the desktop side of the house, Toshiba is bound to make some serious noise today with their announcement of a new 320GB 2.5” SATA hard drive based on a 2 platter design that will feature 8MB of cache with a 5400 RPM operating speed.

The new 320GB model belongs to Toshiba’s MKxx53GSX series which already offers sizes of 250GB, 160GB, 120GB, and 80GB in the line up. Toshiba claims that the new 320GB drive is resistant up to 900G of shock, which is exceptional for a drive of this type. The performance should be in line with other models with a 12ms access time and 895.9 Mbps transfer rate. The drives in this series will carry the standard 3-year Toshiba hard drive warranty.

Toshiba indicates that the new drives will enter production in the 4th quarter of this year, but no specific release timeline or date was given for the 320GB model.

Last modified on 22 August 2007
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