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Dual GPU cards going cheap

by on07 July 2008


Two for the price of one?

In case
you're thinking about getting one of those dual GPU contraptions, we suggest you hold on just a bit longer.

Several retailers have listed EVGA's 9800GX2 for just €279. This is a huge price drop, as some 10 days ago the same card was selling for more than €400. However, the card is not available at this price yet. The cheapest available 9800GX2 comes from Leadtek and sells for €330.

ATI's dual GPU card, the HD 3870 X2 is currently available for €242. There are some recent listings with a much more appealing price, €199, but these cards aren't available just yet.

Should these price drops materialize, both ATI's and Nvidia's dual GPU cards will become a very interesting alternative to recently introduced 4800/GT200 series cards from both camps. We don't think they'll stick around on the market for too long, so if you're interested, be ready to pounce as soon as they become available at the new prices.
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