TSMC N3 wafer cost $20K+
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28 September 2023

TSMC N3 wafer cost $20K+

Too expensive to use A17 Pro for vanilla iPhone 15

Apple is the first of many who started using the TSMC N3 3nm process for its latest SoC, and even for Apple, it is not easy to eat the manufacturing cost. 

Big changes in AMD Client business unit
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Rick Bergman, Scott Herkelman, and Saeid Moshkelani SVP and GM of Client are gone 

Some of our colleagues jumped to the conclusion Scott Herkelman is getting replaced by Jack Huynh who now works as a Senior Vice President and GM, Computing and Graphics Business Group. This is actually the job that Jack is taking over from Bergman. It is not clear why Lisa Su, the CEO of AMD, is imposing such radical changes at this time, but we might have some ideas.

US Federal Trade Commission reactivates Activision challenge
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Claims it is in the public interest 

While the rest of the world, including Microsoft's rivals, think that it is OK for Microsoft to write a $69 billion cheque for video game company Activision, the US regulator is not giving up yet.

Intel denies Meteor Lake headed for most PCs
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We want a better class of user

Intel has warned that its Meteor Lake processor architecture is not headed for socketed desktop motherboards like the ones you'd find in a self-built PC or an off-the-shelf mini tower.

Employers already regret letting tech workers go
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Skills shortages returning 

Red-faced employers who thought they could save money to prop up their bonuses by firing those with tech skills are suddenly finding themselves with a skills shortage.

H&R Block, Meta, and Google sued under gangster laws
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Tax returns snuffled in gangster rap 

Attorneys with Wisner Baum have filed a Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organisations Act [RICO] class action alleging that H&R Block, Meta, and Google jointly schemed to install spyware on the H&R Block site, scraping customers’ private tax return information for profit.

OpenAI can now surf the web
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Robot revolution delayed while it searches for p*rn

OpenAI says ChatGPT is "no longer limited to data before September 2021." It can now browse the internet to provide you with up-to-date information, "complete with direct links to sources." 

Meta’s new Ray-Ban specs will cost $299
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Takes calls, play music, and live streams from your face

Meta announced a new pair of Ray-Ban smart glasses which can play music, livestream to Facebook and Instagram and translate text.

Ryan Shrout says goodbye to Intel
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Ex PC Perspective leaves after almost five years

Ryan Shrout, ex. PC Perspective hack has announced its departure from Intel, where he has changed quite a few roles since 2018.

Lamini ditches Nvidia
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27 September 2023

Lamini ditches Nvidia

AMD GPUs easier for Llama-2

AI startup Lamini uses AMD GPUs instead of the more popular Nvidia GPUs to run large language models (LLMs) like Llama-2 for customers.