AI learns to sing in multiple languages
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Technically the death of modern music

Researchers at Zhejiang University and Microsoft claim they've developed an AI system -- DeepSinger -- that can generate singing voices in multiple languages by training on data from music websites.

Boffins use AI to make your writing more polite
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Apparently emails are too rude

Boffins at Carnegie Mellon University have devised a technique that's designed to automatically make written communication more polite.

Xilinx Adaptive Computing Challenge made
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Substantial prizes

Xilinx and Team Up For Inaugural Xilinx Adaptive Computing Challenge

Canadians abandon face recognition software
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Watchdog growls at clearview

Canada's privacy watchdog said facial recognition software provider Clearview AI will no longer offer its services in the country, suspending a contract with its last remaining client, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

MIT kills racist AI database
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It lowered the standards of the world

MIT has taken offline its highly cited dataset that trained AI systems to potentially describe people using racist, misogynistic, and other problematic terms.