Microsoft sued in AI ruckus
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Vole's Open Sauce street cred suffering 

Software King of the World Microsoft has been sued in what is being seen as a test case for AI software.

California cops want to give shotguns to robots
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Even Robocop has the right to bear arms 

California police are still pursuing the option to give shotguns to robots to create real life terminators.

Eric Schmidt not in hot water about AI investment
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Schmidt not going to hit the fan at the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence committee

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt might have made a dodgy investment in an AI company after he was appointed to the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence, but it appears he never did anything wrong.

Israel outsources shooting Palestinians to AI
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What could go wrong?

Israel's army has recently introduced artificial intelligence-powered robotic guns in the occupied West Bank.

AI can’t translate languages
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This is not an area companies should want to experiment

For a while now companies have been thinking that they can off-load their translation work onto AI-based systems to save a buck – but a top boffin has warned that the software is not up to the task.