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1.5M+ copies of MOH sold in 5 days

by on20 October 2010

Free DLC plan to add new game mode
Electronic Arts was said to be a little worried about the sales numbers for Medal of Honor that are just now starting to tumble in. The state of worry is due to the “all over the place” review scores that the newly released Medal of Honor received. The initial sales numbers are in and EA can now breathe a little easier.

According to the reports that we are hearing, the new Medal of Honor has had a good first week run, with the title selling over 1.7+ million copies on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. This means that the title is off to a solid start and it looks to be able to achieve the sales goal of four million units. (As we told you previously, it was revealed that in order for the game to see a sequel, the title would have to sell close to four million copies across the platforms.)

To celebrate the excellent first week of sales, news comes from EA that the first DLC pack for Medal of Honor will be free. The download pack, which will be called “Clean Sweep,” will add the new Clean Sweep game play mode in multiplayer as well as two new maps. Players will be able to download it on November 2nd when it is set to arrive.

Of course, in order to get the DLC content you must have purchased the game “new”; those that purchased it used will be forced to buy the DLC content if they want it.

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