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GT5 moves 6.3 million units?

by on22 February 2011

No clue exactly what this means
Gran Turismo 5 developer Polyphony Digital has released figures claiming that GT5 has moved 6.3 million units since its arrival in November. The key point is what they mean by the word “move”; and that is something that many analysts that we spoke with claim might not be internally accurate.  Apparently, it depends on how you define the word “move” according to our discussion with retailer sources.

It all boils down to whether you define “move” to mean the number of copies of GT5 that have shipped, or to mean the number of GT5 copies that have been sold. Sources we spoke with seem to think that the 6.3 million number has to be the number of copies of GT5 that have shipped.

As one analyst we spoke with told us, “I just don’t see 6.3 million copies being sold worldwide. I do think it is possible that they have shipped 6.3 million copies, but it is unlikely that they have worked though all of them, as the title is still available in good numbers on dealer shelves.”

We think that statement pretty much says it all.

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