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Next Burnout title called Crash?

by on04 April 2011

Said to be the next Criterion title
With Criterion having already released the new Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, everyone seems to be wondering what the studio is working on next. The mystery might be a little less cloudy, as it is suspected that Criterion is working on a Burnout sequel said to be titled Burnout Crash.

While neither Electronic Arts nor Criterion have confirmed that this is the case, it would seem that the Australian Classification Board has rated a title with this name. In reaching out to our sources, the only thing that we have uncovered is that there is an unannounced project that is in development at Criterion that is said to be a multi-platform title for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. It is expected that it uses Criterion’s racing engine technology, which is not a surprise.

Criterion head Alex Ward did tweet that he was showing off the developer’s next title. If a new chapter in the Burnout franchise is what Criterion will be releasing next, it would be the first release of a Burnout title since 2008. The company did officially announce last year that they had completed all of the DLC content that they would be releasing for Burnout Paradise with the release of Big Surf Island, and no additional development on the title or DLC would be taking place.

It does all seem to fit together quite well, and it does seem to make sense that Criterion would want to follow up the success that they experienced with the release of Burnout Paradise. It is expected that one thing that we should look for to confirm that Criterion is to release a new Burnout title is a steady and continuous stream of downloadable content to be released right after the title ships.

The fact that the Australian Classification Board has already rated Burnout Crash does suggest that the title is poised for a release yet this year. Our sources tell us that if this is the case we can look for Electronic Arts to be showing it off at E3 in June, at which time an official release date is expected to be confirmed.
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