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Will Battlefield become annualized?

by on01 November 2012


EA isn’t ready to talk about it just yet

With the Medal of Honor franchise not achieving the success that Electronic Arts was looking for, the company is apparently considering re-thinking its strategy of the Battlefield franchise and the Medal of Honor franchise by alternating release years.

During the recent investor call, EA Labels President Frank Gibeau was put on the spot and asked if EA had considered making Battlefield an annual franchise. Gibeau basically answered that right now they are focused on Battlefield 4 and if they were to do Battlefield on an annual basis, it isn’t something that they are talking about openly.

While we know that Battlefield 4 is expected to arrive around October 2013, sources tell us that they are looking at options. One of those might see Battlefield alternating with Battlefield Bad Company; and could it be that Danger Close might be the ones to work on Bad Company? Only time will tell, but there are a lot of directions that it would be possible to take the Battlefield franchise beyond just Bad Company. DICE also has options like Battlefield 2142 that they could also consider.

Unless Medal of Honor: Warfighter makes a remarkable bounce back before the end of the year with the additional promotion from EA, it’s our belief that EA will do something.

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