Nvidia RTX 2070 Super does support NVLink multi-GPU
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Scaling depends on the game

Since the new Geforce RTX 2070 Super is pretty much based on a cut-down version of the non-Super RTX 2080, it does not come as a surprise that it supports multi-GPU NVLink.

AMD drops RX 5700 series price ahead of launch
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Feeling the pressure from Nvidia RTX Super series

According to a report, it appears that AMD has decided to lower the RX 5700 price ahead of the July 7th launch, buckling under the pressure from Nvidia's RTX Super series.

Powercolor's new giveaway teases upcoming Red Devil graphics card
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Running until July 17th

Ahead of the big Radeon RX 5700 series unveil, Powercolor has launched a new giveaway which has the unannounced Red Devil graphics card as the main prize.

Nvidia Super RTX Turing officially launched
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RTX 2060S and RTX 2070S to rain on AMD's Navi parade

With AMD's impending launch of new Navi-based Radeon RX 5700 series, Nvidia has refreshed its RTX series lineup, starting with two models, the RTX 2060 Super and the RTX 2070 Super.

AMD talks Precision Boost Overdrive in Ryzen 3000 series
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Promises higher single-core boost clocks

AMD took to Youtube to reveal a bit more information regarding its upcoming AMD Ryzen 3000 series, specifically, the new Precision Boost Overdrive, which promises to bring higher single-core boost clocks.

Nvidia RTX Super series confirmed for July 2nd
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RTX 2080 Super and custom cards come at a later date

Nvidia has confirmed the announcement and NDA dates of its Geforce RTX Super series graphics cards and according to an online report, the RTX 2060 Super and RTX 2070 Super will launch on July 2nd, while RTX 2080 Super comes later in July.

Alienware co-founder, Frank Azor, leaving Dell
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Rumor puts him at AMD

Frank Azor, the co-founder, and pretty much the name you can associate with Alienware and Dell's XPS division, has announced his departure from the company as of July 3rd.

Volvo Group picks Nvidia for its self-driving industry AI vehicles
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Big deal for Nvidia

The Volvo Group has announced it will be using Nvidia's Drive end-to-end autonomous driving platform for training, testing, and deployment of self-driving vehicles, aiming at public transport, freight transport, refuse and recycling collection, construction, mining, forestry, and other industries.

AMD releases Radeon Software 19.6.2 graphics driver
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Expands Vulkan API support

AMD has released its newest Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.6.2 graphics driver which fixes some issues and adds further Vulkan API support with new extensions.

Custom Radeon RX 5700 cards come in mid-August
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If all goes well

According to our sources, custom Radeon RX 5700 won't be available before mid-August.