MSI Claw gets another boost in performance via BIOS update
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In addition to the new MSI Center M update

MSI has announced that its Claw gaming handheld console just got another BIOS update and the new MSI Center M update, which should significantly improve performance.

MSI Claw gets big performance boost thanks to BIOS and driver update
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Up to 150 percent boost

MSI had a rough time peddling the Intel-based Claw gaming handheld console mostly due to a high price and lackluster performance compared to similar AMD-based handheld consoles, but now it might get a chance with a recent 25 percent price cut and big performance BIOS and driver update, which boosted performance up to 150 percent.

MSI Claw launching in the US on March 8
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Tuesday, 05 March 2024 10:43

MSI Claw launching in the US on March 8

Newegg spills the date

MSI has been launching its Claw gaming handheld depending on the region, and while it is already available in Europe, the US will be getting it on March 8th.

MSI offically announces its own gaming handheld called the Claw at CES 2024
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With up to Intel Core Ultra 155H CPU

As rumored earlier, MSI has unveiled its new MSI Claw gaming held powered by Intel Core Ultra 7 155H CPU, claiming the world's first gaming handheld with such a CPU.

MSI CLAW gaming handheld leaks ahead of CES 2024
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Powered by Intel Meteor Lake CPU

After a couple of teasers released earlier, the MSI CLAW gaming handheld has fully leaked online, confirming both the name and full specifications thanks to the Geekbench database and MSI's own leak.