SAP needs to listen more to its customers
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SAP user group complains

The maker of esoteric business software, which no one knows what it actually does, SAP needs to be more responsive in meeting the needs of its customers as they make the transition to the digital era.

Oracle and VMware reach cloud deal
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Bury the hatchet

Oracle and VMware announced a deal designed to resolve years of tension over how Oracle handles technical support for VMware users and make it easier for them to move to Oracle’s cloud computing service.

IBM launches z15 mainframe
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Mainframe finds a new lease of life

IBM today launched its z15 mainframe, with what it claims is industry-first data privacy & security capabilities for the cloud, specifically, hybrid, multi-cloud.

Salesforce does better than expected
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Cloud services doing well

Salesforce forecast third-quarter and full-year revenue above what the cocaine nose jobs of Wall Street expected.

Employees have too much access to company data
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There is such a thing as too much data

A study of over 700 US employees reveals that 48 percent of employees have access to more company data than they need to perform their jobs.